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Keep your landscape vibrant and beautiful with healthy trees and shrubs

When it comes to caring for your home’s outdoor environment during the cooler months, tree and shrub care is just as important as lawn care. A healthy and beautiful landscape is an investment that adds value to your property. Our qualified technicians will ensure your trees and shrubs are protected and healthy so you can enjoy your landscape in every season.

Tree and Shrub Care in Virginia

At Agronomic Lawn Management, we’ve built our reputation on our commitment to our customers. We don’t just treat your lawn and landscape - we take the time the educate you on the condition, the cause, and the best treatment plan to suit your needs. Our professionally trained technicians follow a six round treatment plan to keep your trees and shrubs healthy by controlling insects and diseases throughout the year. Let us protect your trees and shrubs from insects and diseases! 

Our 6-cycle tree and shrub care program includes:

  • Round 1: Horticultural Oil is applied to effectively suffocate overwintering insect larvae and sucking insects.
  • Round 2: Ornamental fertilizer with pre-emergent is applied to trees and shrubs. The pre-emergent prevents crabgrass and other weeds from growing in your beds.
  • Rounds 3, 4, and 5: Insecticides, miticides and fungicides are applied to protect plants from insects and diseases.
  • Round 6: Ornamental fertilizer is applied to promote growth and vibrant blooms the following spring.

Experience the ALM Difference

When you choose Agronomic Lawn Management for your lawn and landscape needs, you can trust you’re in good hands. If you notice something out of the ordinary with your landscape between applications, we will send a licensed technician to your home at no additional charge. Here at Agronomic Lawn Management, we’ll treat your lawn and landscape as if it were our own.

Don’t wait for the healthy, vibrant landscape of your dreams.

Call us today and let us turn your dreams into reality.