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Here at Agronomic Lawn Management, we offer a variety of services in addition to a basic lawn care program to ensure your lawn and landscape stay in top condition throughout the year. We also offer residential pest control services for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks! Our expert technicians are dedicated to educating you on the right time for certain lawn treatments and applications, as well as what your specific lawn needs. 

Additional Lawn Care Services

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At ALM, not all of our services are covered in our lawn care programs. This is because they are very specific to your lawn, your goals, and your budget. That said, our lawn experts will only recommend an additional service if they believe your lawn truly needs it.

Some of the additional lawn services our technicians might recommend are:

Goose Control Services

Since so many of us live on or near the water, we all know how many geese flock among us. In fact, they are commonly referred to as "resident geese" since they're on our lawns so often! In our area, we typically have giant Canadian geese that do not migrate predictably—if at all—due to their larger size giving them a higher tolerance for our winter weather. These animals eat at our lawn until there's none left, leave feces everywhere, and can easily attack humans and pets. At ALM, we provide goose control that you don't have to worry about them any longer or deal with animal control!

Our goose control:

  • Is a spray with UV colorant that's visible to geese but not humans.
  • Makes the turf taste bad, "training" them to think the food is not good on your property which results in them leaving.
  • Is non-poisonous and does not harm the geese in any way.
  • Includes 3 applications, but more may be applied as different groups enter the area.

Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Control

Insects like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are annoying pests that inhabit your lawn. Not only do they cause itchy bites, but they can also carry diseases that are harmful to both your family and pets. Agronomic Lawn Management offers a treatment program from April through October to control mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks in your yard. Our 10-application fogging treatment program is safe for both your children and the environment. Don’t let pesky insects ruin your outdoor fun—let us help you enjoy your lawn again by providing you with treatments and facts about ticks in Virginia

Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks can transmit diseases such as:

  • Zika Virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Lyme Disease
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • And more dangerous illnesses

Soil Amendments 

After we receive the results from your required soil test, we will notify you of the results. This will include recommendations of soil amendments (if necessary) to create optimal soil conditions for healthy turf.

Warm-Season Aeration 

Our warm-season core aeration is an add-on service and only offered in conjunction with our Warm-Season Lawn Care Programs Aeration is an effective way to thicken your warm-season lawn. Warm-season lawns like Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia should be aerated in the late spring for best results—usually the last week of April until the end of June. These grasses all use rhizomes and/or stolons to spread across your lawn. The new individual plants start to send out their own rhizomes and stolons, thereby thickening your lawn. Our warm-season aeration service loosens tight soil, allowing more oxygen and water to reach your lawn’s root system. What does this mean for you? A healthier, more vibrant lawn that will get the nutrients it needs to thrive! 

Fungicide Applications

Fungicide is a product we use to kill or prevent the growth of fungi in your lawn. There are many types of fungi—the most common lawn fungi we see in our area are brown and summer patch diseases and spring dead spot. Other fungi we prevent are dollar spot and mildew. We offer different treatments for warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses as they require different nutrients:

  • Warm-season fungicide treatments include 4 applications—2 in the spring, 2 in the fall.
  • Cool-season fungicide treatments include 5 applications in the summer.

Sedge Control

Sedge is a specific type of weed that loves to plague our yards. It's thin and slices your hand easily, and it infests gardens and quickly spreads to your entire lawn. We offer two applications during the summer to ensure a sedge-free yard all season long.

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