How To Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

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With the arrival of springtime, your lawn is ready to bloom and bloom - but it needs your help! A little greenery-friendly care can keep your lawn looking beautiful all summer. Here’s what you must do to get your garden in prime condition for the upcoming season.

Test Soil Ph Level

It’s important to know what kind of soil you’re dealing with when preparing your garden for the warmer months. Do this by testing the soil ph level to determine what fertilizer and other nutrients are needed to create a hospitable environment for grass growth. Testing kits are available from local gardening centers – or you can hire a professional landscaping company to perform the test.

Start by Raking Up Leaves and Debris

The first step to preparing your lawn is to pick up any leaves or debris that may have been overlooked during fall cleanup. This can help prevent diseases and other pests from overwintering in your yard. You can also rake away dried grass clippings that may have accumulated over the winter, as these can smother the new growth in spring.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Regular mowing is an essential part of keeping your lawn looking healthy and lush during springtime. Ensure you always set your mower blades at three inches or higher, as lower trimming can limit grass growth by not allowing adequate leaf area for Photosynthesis. This also allows for some thicker growth which provides greater protection against extreme temperature shifts, offering better insulation overall and concurrently steadying moisture levels which will allow sun-exposure-assisted root development & invigoration, actually making normal routine maintenance demands less robust than they would be typically facing dryer conditions over prolonged periods of drought exposure. It's also good practice to leave clippings on top of the grass as fertilizer and side-mow when turning corners, as this will eliminate compaction in those areas.

Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn aeration involves creating small holes throughout your yard, allowing air and water to flow freely into the soil below, thus promoting strong root development. This process helps reduce surface water run-off, reduces compacted soil, and helps improve drainage issues which can often occur during rainy Spring days. You can purchase specialized aerator equipment online or hire a professional landscaper with experience with this process if desired.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizer helps promote healthy grass growth in springtime by supplying essential nutrients that grass requires, such as nitrogen and phosphorous (to name a few). Fertilize about 4 weeks after aerating (if needed) and use slow-release fertilizers whenever possible - these are best for most types of soils since they release nutrients gradually over time – meaning less frequent applications are required compared to faster-releasing fertilizers. Be sure not to overfertilize, as doing so could kill beneficial microorganisms already living in the soil resulting in weed invasions or “hot spots” where patches of thick weeds pop up more frequently than others on your landscape due to extra nutrients being applied in those areas.

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