How To Prep Your Trees and Shrubs for Healthy Spring Growth

Trees and shrub in a yard

After a long and chilly Virginia winter, we sure are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring warmth. While you might be ready for the new season, are you certain your plants are also prepared? After a dormant winter, your trees and shrubs need help waking up to the warm sunny weather. Follow these 4 steps on how to prep your trees and shrubs for the healthiest growth come springtime:

1. Refresh Through Pruning

Out with the old, in with the new! Pruning involves trimming off dead or damaged branches from previous seasons. For many of your trees and shrubs, the best time of the year to give a refresh is late winter or early spring when they are still dormant. You can more easily see the old wood and you’re able to shape the plant before buds emerge. Pruning is a simple, but vital process for trees and shrubs because it encourages rapid new growth and increases plant strength and versatility when temperatures warm. Common woody ornamentals that should be pruned during this time of year include: Evergreens with needles, Rose, Crepe Myrtle, Flowering Dogwood, Redbud, Butterfly Bush, Hydrangea, Summer-blooming Spirea, Wisteria, and more!

2. Revive Your Soil

Soil health and plant health go hand in hand! Winter weather causes soil to become compacted, blocking water, oxygen, and essential nutrients from reaching your plants’ roots. Revive your soil and mix it up with a tiller or spade to about a foot depth. During this time it’s also a good idea to mix in compost, nutrients, or any other supplement your trees and shrubs needs heading into Spring.

3. Rearrange Your Existing Trees and Shrubs

Once you’ve added life back to your soil, move trees or shrubs that weren’t thriving previous seasons to new areas, or even add new kinds of growth. Rearrange your yard to your liking! Pre-spring soil is usually more moist, allowing for easier transport of trees and shrubs before they fill out. Add some Spring flowers to complement your trees and shrubs too! Add the perfect pop of color with these early Spring flowers

4. Remove Weeds and Re-Mulch

Don’t let weeds beat you to your beds! This time of the year is a great time to weed since the roots are shallow, the soil is more moist, and weeds are slow-growing. Once you weed, remove any old mulch or leaves and spread a layer of new mulch. This layer not only shields you against future weeds, but it also maintains much-needed moisture for your trees and shrubs.

Help your trees and shrubs wake up to the warmth, and be thanked with beautiful growth in upcoming months. Learn more about Agronomic’s Tree and Shrub Care in Virginia today!

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